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The Smart Valve® Watering Kit.

Automatic Holiday Watering - For as long as your reservoir's water lasts.

Automatic ‘Holiday Watering’, a Smart Valve® waters your plants - for as long as your reservoir’s water lasts.
Provides a natural ‘wet & dry’ cycle for your plants.
Allows plants to regulate their own water requirements.
No over or under watering, & saves over 35% of usual water usage.
Eliminates cold shock and anaerobic bacterial root infections.
Eliminates the need for ‘flood & drain’ growing systems in industrial horticulture.
Adjustable depth regulator controls the volume of water provided to hydroponic, or capillary matted growing trays.
Works automatically, without power, computers or electronics.
When the water has been used up the Smart Valve® will automatically refill your tray.
Saves Water, Time, Effort, & Money.

The Smart Valve® will revolutionise the way we grow & water plants

Setting up your Smart Valve® Watering Kit if using a thin walled polythene container:

1. Pierce a small hole towards the base of the container using a sharp implement (do not drill a hole).
2. Push the Hole Forming Tool (golf tee) into the hole so that the hole is formed. Remove the golf tee leaving a concave shape in the wall of the container.
3. Push the Tubing onto the Outlet Fitting and push the Outlet Fitting into the container. Next, pull the Tubing, which will reform the container’s original shape if it was indented.
4. The polythene container wall around the Outlet Fitting will reform itself over a day or so, tightly sealing the container’s wall around the Outlet Fitting.
5. The other end of the Tubing can now be fitted onto the Smart Valve’s® Inlet Connector.


Fitting instructions when
using a water butt or commercial tray growing system:

Adjusting the water level:

Rotate the adjustable depth regulators dial as shown to obtain varying depths of water of between approx 7mm - 20mm.

It is best to purchase a special
water butt outlet kit with a filter.
These are widely available.
The tubing used for these
applications is usually 6mm
bore, and to accept this tubing,
the Smart Valve® has a dual
sized inlet connector for both
4mm & 6mm bore tubing.


to view the Smart Valve® Quickstart
Guide & full instructions.